Welcome to the massage salon „In good hands“ near to the Hradčanská station. Come to relax and forget all your stress and worries. Enjoy the present moment, feel the harmony of your body, mind and spirit!

In my philosophy the massage works best when you feel safe and comfortable, so I tailor the massage to your own condition and wishes. I choose the pressure you like (hard or gentle), so as the rhytm (fast or slow) and the intention (to relax, to release the tension, to energize, to harmonize…) and I focus especially to the areas you need (back, head, face, arms, hands, chest, belly, legs, knees, feet or any combination. For each massage I select a special essential aroma oil which makes the effect of the massage deeper.
Techniques I use:

Biodynamic massages: massages which fit perfectly to my philosophy. They don´t use only the manual strength but they also try to awake your own inner self-healing power (the Biodynamics), which release all the tension from the inside out in the best, natural way. The condition of good working of the Biodynamic massage = you should feel safe and pleasent during all the massage 🙂 Your the expert for what you do you need an I´m the expert for how to do it.
The same as the other massages – pain of muscles or joints, but they also work very well with many onther physical and psychosomatic problems (headache, PMS, stomachache, pain after injuries…) They release the tention and stress, help you to relax and encharge when you´re weary… and they also awake your own energy for everything you´d like.

Usual relax massages: Swedish massage, Chinese energetic massage, Hawaiian massage (Lomi Lomi), Hot Stones massage, Acupressure (Foot massage), Breuss massage, Honey massage, Reiki therapy (healing energy).

Please notice: I don´t work with the intimate parts of the body, I don´t offer any erotic or tantra massages.
If you are expecting any erotic experience, you probably will be disappointed 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you!
Alena Olšanová


Book your appointment:
GSM: +420 602 579 486

e-mail: alena@vdobrychrukach.cz

Opening hours:

Monday-Friday: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
Weekend: by an agreement
Please book your appointment before coming!

40 minutes………………………….1.000 CZK
60 minutes …………………………1.500 CZK
90 minutes …………………………2.250 CZK
120 minutes ………………………..3.000 CZK

Masáže V dobrých rukách

Mařákova 269/4
Praha 6 – Dejvice
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how to get there:  3 mins walking from the Hradčanská station
(metro A, tram 1, 5, 8, 18, 20, 25, 26, bus 131, 184, railway station Praha – Dejvice)
find the connection:
it´s a little bit complicated to find a parking place in the neighbourhood, maybe it will take some time for you… For a case of need, there is a park 2 minutes of walk  or other one 10 minutes of walk.

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